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Youth Basketball Drills

Youth Basketball Drills Whistle

If you're a young athlete or the parent of a young basketball player, these drills for youth basketball can help you out.

Youth basketball players can really benefit from individual basketball drills. Of course, when they're younger you might just be keeping them busy, seeing if they like basketball, etc. But if they do end up liking it, then they'll probably want to continue to play, and the older they get, the more competitive it is just to make the team. Give them an early advantage by using some of these youth basketball drills.

Just make sure they're still having fun!

Check Out all of the Basketball Drills Sections Below:

  • Youth Basketball Drills for Ball Handling
    • Dribbling is one of the most important skills for players of any ages. The sooner youth players start working on their ball handling, the better. Check out these dribbling drills to help your child improve their game (therefore, having more fun!)
  • Basketball Shooting Drills
    • Of course, younger players are going to be interested in scoring points and being able to make a shot. Use these shooting drills to help them improve their shooting while having fun and keeping them interested in youth basketball drills.
  • Basketball Rebounding Drills
    • Rebounding is an extremely important skill at any level of basketball. Use these drills to improve rebounding skills.
  • Basketball Passing Drills (Coming Soon!)
    • These coming youth basketball drills will help young players become better passers, which leads to better teamwork and less unselfish play.
  • Speed and Agility Drills
    • A lot of basketball skills, like getting past a defender or defending a player with the ball, require lateral quickness. Use these speed and agility drills to improve lateral quickness. You're never too young to start!
  • Basketball Conditioning Drills
    • Basketball requires a unique kind of endurance and conditioning. These youth basketball drills are geared toward basketball conditioning so your child can enjoy playing the game longer.

Make sure to check out the Athletic Apparel page for discounts to major retailrs on training gear like basketball shoes, shorts, and other equipment like basketballs and hoops.

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Playing basketball or just shooting around with your kid can be a great way to spend quality time with them. You can go to the gym, but sometimes it's hard to get time on the floor. A basketball can be beneficial not only for these drills, but also to go to the park with or use on your own hoop. Of course, having your own hoop is even better if possible, then you can spend quality time with your kid whenever you want and even adjust the hoop height to make some youth basketball drills more effecrive. In addition, proper footwear helps prevent injury or uncomfortable blisters, and keeps your kids happy.

You can get great basketballs at most any sporting goods retailer. I recommend the Spalding Zi/O (available from in the red box or through the link) because it's good for both indoor and outdoor use and it saves you from having to get 2 for each.

Search 29.5 for full size and 28.5 for youth or women's. For indoor and outdoor you can also search "composite."

Useful Youth Basketball Training Videos

These youth basketball drills are a great start, but I do still recommend these "Better Basketball" videos. I've personally used some of these myself, and am impressed with those that I've seen. In fact, my brother-in-law asked me last summer what one basketball training video I would recommend, and I told him the best one would be Better Basketball's Better Ball Handling. Why? Because it has over 100 drills, and great information. In addition, ball handling is one of the neglected skills and you can do the drills easily by yourself even if you don't have a basket.

Basketball Tips
Basketball tips to help you and your child become smarter in the game of basketball.

Youth Basketball Training
Training tips to enhance your youth basketball drills

Training Apparel
Athletic apparel for your young athlete to train in. Major retailers, all major brands, and exclusive discount codes.

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