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Make Your Own Website

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So you want to make a website of your own? There are a number of different ways you can do this. It all depends on what you want to do with your website: get your business found, be a work from home mom, cure some boredom, have an easy way to share information and pictures with friends and family, etc. Whatever your reason, you're going to have to consider a few things, especially if you want to build your own SUCCESFULL website.

If you want to make a simple site or page for just your friends and family to see, then you can use an inexpensive or even free "template" type site. These are the sites that don't really give you your own domain name, but a part of their domain (i.e. These work fine if you're not trying to do something for your own business or make money on your website. You don't have a lot of control over the website, and you will only get traffic from those you can directly give your link to because these types of pages don't get much respect from search engines when ranking them.

But, if your goal is to just share a fan page or pictures of your newborn or whatever without using a social networking site like Facebook, then this is a good route for you. I'm going to be talking about the more "robust" websites for other purposes, though.

To make your own website, you need at a minimum four things:

  1. A domain name ("something".com)
  2. A website host
  3. A service that automatically submits your site and pages to the search engines (so that the search engines can rank your pages and help your visitors find you).
  4. An html editor (or java, css, etc.) or block-by-block builder to create your pages.
The third one you can do yourself, but it would take a very, very, very, very long time. Another thing to make your own website isn't necessarily required, but very highly recommended: at least one e-mail account associated with your website (i.e.

Going along with the above, to make a succesful website, you need to have a few things going on for your website:

  1. Provide relevant, up to date useful information, products, or services to your target audience (good content)
  2. Have an aesthetically pleasing website (it looks good)
  3. Get your pages found by your target audience...ultimately
  4. Get visitors to your website
  5. Keep visitors at your website
  6. Get visitors to come back to your website
  7. Convert visitors to customers (when applicable)

There are numerous products and services that can help you make your own website, or even better make a succesful website. This includes places like But, since I built with SBI!, I'm going to focus on that as it's the only experience I've had. You can Take the SBI! Video Tour Here

Make Your Own Website with SBI! -- My SBI! Success Story

Like I mentioned earlier, I make my own website with SBI!. Because of this, I know a lot more about SBI! than the other options above. It doesn't mean SBI! is your best option, but I absolutely love to build my own website using SBI!. SBI! recently changed their free trial period from 30 days to 90 days as well, so you can try it out for a while to see if it is right for you. Plus, I'll give you a rebate if you decide to use SBI! to make your own website.

I'll try to keep it short, but I could go on and on about using SBI! to make a website. SBI! helps me make my own website (and enjoy doing so), gave me a domain name, hosts my website, gets my pages ranked high in the search engines and get continually increasing traffic to my site. Basically, SBI! is the complete package, all for one price. You only need SBI! and you can make your own website that is succesful. And this applies to any type of website since SBI! can be geared towards anything from affiliate marketing, real estate, small business, infoprenuers and any other reason you might want to build your own website. Here's a little bit about my SBI! experience...

Using SBI! to help Determine a Theme and Keyword Demands
Since SBI! is a complete system, not just a template or a registry, it also includes analytical tools. One of these analytical tools is a "Brainstormer" that will help determine the demand for your theme (like basketball or basketball tips for It also helps you determine some related keywords for your theme or a single keyword. In other words, SBI! will help you determine what content you should put on your website. Since quality content is the driver of success for your website, these analytical tools helping you to determine what kind of content to include that will draw traffic are a very important part of building a succesful website.

Building Webpages (content) on SBI!
Related to the analytical "demand" tools above, once you know what kind of content to put on your website, then you've got to start building your own webpages that are viewable on the internet. SBI! makes it extremely easy to build a webpage whether you have no web design or technical skills.

One of the great things about SBI! is that you can use it's template and block-by-block builder or upload your own html. You can customize some templates for the look of your website (color, header, two or three-column, side navigation look, etc.) and get the "aesthetically pleasing" aspect of your website down. It also has a great block by block builder with a dropdown of what type of "block" you want to build (like a header or link to another page). All you've got to do is add some quality content and you'll be able to make your own website with SBI! in no time!

Or, if you having some web building skills, you can upload your own pages with html, css, etc. I actually started with the block-by-block builder and then taught myself some html (you can learn about anything on the web now) so that I could have a little more flexibility with my site. When I decided to use my own HTML to build my website with SBI!, SBI! didn't have a 3-column template, but they do now! I also used it to have a top navigation and a different side navigation for each main category.

The point is, though, that you can use SBI! and their template tools or write your own code and upload it. Either way, SBI! will register your domain name and host your website so that it's up and running and fully functional.

Domain Name and Website Hosting
I just said it, but I wanted to emphasize this again. SBI! is an all-inclusive website builder. This means that for one price, you get everything you need: A registered domain name, a website hoster, the ability to build webpages, and analytical tools to help your website succeed (such as getting targeted traffic).

SBI! provides you with a domain name (mine is AND hosts it. This is important because many places promise cheap domain names, but then you've got to pay someone else or extra to have the website hosted (available on the web). SBI! provides everything for one price to have a complete, fully functional website viewable on the internet.

Get Higher Rankings in Search Engines with SBI!
One of the best benefits of using SBI! to make your own website is that SBI! can help you achieve higher rankings in the search engines, which ultimately leads to more traffic coming to your website.

Of course, the most important thing in getting ranked higher is having quality content. There's a lot more you can do to get your web pages recognized, though, ans SBI! provides a ton of tips on how to do this. Since a lot of your traffic is going to come from people searching for information through search engines, being ranked high in them is EXTREMELY important. Again, this is included in the all-inclusive SBI! product. You don't need to (and shouldn't) pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from ANY company, because you can do it all by yourself with a little "smart" work of your own.

The "proof" I have is the search engine rankings of some of my web pages:

  1. Basketball Tryout Tips: #1 - Yahoo & Bing; #3 - Google
  2. Basketball Scoring Tips: #1 - Yahoo & Bing; #4 - Google
  3. Basketball Rebounding Tips: #1 - Bing; #3 - Yahoo; and #4 - Google
  4. NBA Venues: #3 - Yahoo & Bing; #4 Google
  5. Basketball Dribbling Tips: #3 Yahoo & Bing
  6. NBA Venues:#1 - Bing; #3 - Yahoo; #10 - Google

Last Updated 11/01/13.

This just provides a few examples. There are numerous other pages ranked in the top 10, 20, or 30 pages for their "primary" keyword, and many other pages show up on the top of search engines with other keywords that aren't the page's "primary" keyword.

Each of these examples above is just the primary keyword for each webpage, which does draw a lot of traffic toward my site. Analytics provide me with these rankings for each of my pages. SBI! analytics also show me other keywords driving traffic to my website that are not the primary keyword, but part of the page or something (for example, dennis rodman rebounding tips or offensive basketball rules instead of rebounding tips or basketball rules).

This just gives you an idea of how SBI! can help you make a succesful website. I'm ranked in the top 5 or 10 (some number one) amongst the millions of websites available on the web about basketball, and all I did was write some quality content and follow the tips from SBI! (which also emphasizes writing quality content)

So, to sum it up, why you should consider SBI! is because it provides you with everything you need to succesfully make your own website. You get a domain name, your website hosted, a block-by-block builder or means to upload your own html, analytical tools, and all kinds of support and tips from SBI! and fellow SBIers. Another positive about SBI! is that it's currently offering a monthly payment option, so you don't have to come up with as much money to get started.

There's so much more to tell about SBI! Check out any relavent links below to learn more about SBI!

Useful SBI! Links
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  • SBI! Concept in 30 Seconds!
  • SBI! Sitesell Home Page
  • SBI! for Affiliate Marketers
  • SBI! for Retirees
  • SBI! for Students
  • SBI! for WAHMs (Work-at-Home-Moms)

  • SBI! Proof

    What BBT&T Will Do to Help You Make Your Own Website

    I'll be honest, the main reason I made my own website was to make a little extra money. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE working on, but the real motivation was to gain some financial freedom. So yes, if you order SBI! through my site, then I'll make a little extra cash. In the same respect, if you order any of the others like, I get paid as well, possibly even more. This is actually another reason I recommend SBI! to make your own website, you become an affiliate of theirs and start making some extra cash from that as well.

    Enough of that, though, here's what I'm going to do to help you make your own website and make it succesful. First off, if you order SBI! through me, then I'll give you a $50 rebate (or $5 if you use the monthly payment option). The difference is because of how SBI!'s commissions are structured. All you have to do is fill out the rebate form below and I'll either send a check or paypal payment to you after your 90 day free trial period is over.

    The second thing I'll do is provide an off-site tips webpage link to you that provides some additional tips to mak your own website. It will include tips on how to select a theme that can be profitable, tips on getting more traffic to your page, etc. Basically some tips that can help you make your own website more succesful.

    Finally, I'll be adding a section to this page with links to websites of those that have ordered SBI! through BBT&T and effectively became a part of my "5 Pillar Affiliate Team." These will be listed in the order they are created with at least 30 pages. Why? Because SBI! offers secondary commissions as well, so the more succesful you are, the more succesful I am. In other words, you still get your full commission, but I also get a little bit of extra commission from SBI! as well (again, this doesn't come out of your pocket, but SBI!s).

    So, to help you make your own website if you choose SBI!, basketball-tips-and-training will:
    1. Pay You a Rebate
    2. Provide extra tips exclusive to fellow SBIers
    3. Provide a link on the already established

    $50 Rebate if you order SBI! through
    Order SBI! and try it out free for 90 days. If after 90 days you do not cancel your SBI! subscription, I will send you a PayPal payment or check for $50*! (if you make full payment - $50 Rebate; $5 Rebate if you pay monthly) - Start your road to financial freedom with some extra income by ordering SBI! and Register your order to claim your rebate through the form below.

    $50 Rebate does not apply if monthly payment option ($29.99/mo) is selected or if you do not order SBI! through Because of SBI's Commission Structure, a $5 Rebate applies to Monthly Payment Orders. Rebate only applied once for Buy One, Get One Free orders.

    NOTE: Rebate only valid if SBI! ordered through

    Order SBI! here

    $50 Rebate for SBI! orders!
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    Retirees Make Your Own Website with SBI! - More Information for Retirees
    Affiliate Marketing and SBI! - More Information for Affiliate Marketers

    Affiliate Marketing

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