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Basketball Training to Help You Become Feared

Basketball Training Silhouette I've got a lot of basketball training ideas to share with you, and it's difficult to "distinguish" them from basketball tips because everything on this site can fall into either category: The basketball tips that help your sports IQ are mental training, and the training information here can be considered tips.

Whether you're a player yourself, or a parent looking for some ideas to help help your kid, this site is going to help you out! You can find youth basketball drills to advanced drills, training advice, and overall health and athleticism tips that can help out basketball players and non-athletes alike.

As I said, before, you need to have fun, but it's also "Destroy or be Destroyed." That's why you need to explore as many of the free basketball tips and basketball training ideas available here. That being said, you can think of this page as a sort of "basketball training hub" with links to a number of subjects that you will want to browse.

Make sure to check out the Athletic Apparel page for some discounts to places like,, or to get some training gear.

A Basketball, often even two, is a must for basketball training. And gyms are great for team building skills, but crowded for individual training. A hoop and basketball(s) at home can greatly improve anyone's basketball training. My own hoop was the BEST gift I ever got as a kid, and basketballs were always appreciated.

You can get great basketballs at most any sporting goods retailer. I recommend the Spalding Zi/O (available from in the red box or through the link) because it's good for both indoor and outdoor use and it saves you from having to get 2 for each.

Search 29.5 for full size and 28.5 for youth or women's. For indoor and outdoor you can also search "composite."

Also check out the hoops below from to assist you with your basketball training.

Even better, check out my promotions (when available) for, to get a gift card to go to your own local Sports Authority (of course, check the fine print on the promotion to see if gift cards are included).

Start clickin' the links below to get the information you need to take your game to the next level.

  • Basketball Drills
    • Find drills for everything you need: from shooting to rebounding to defense and more!

  • Youth Basketball Drills
    • It's never too early to start - find drills you or your youngster can use to build a foundation: basic ball handling to passing and more.

  • Basketball Workouts
    • Find some basketball workouts to incorporate into your basketball training.

  • Basketball Training Tips
    • Check out these tips before clicking through the rest of the links. They will help you to train more effectively and get the maximum benefit from your efforts.

  • Basketball Fundamentals
    • Even if you've been playing for a while, the place to start with any basketball training is to make sure you have the fundamentals down. All of the more jaw-dropping moves begin with the fundamentals, so get yours down.

  • Top Basketball Exercises
    • The top exercises to use for endurance, strength, and jumping ability.

  • Speed and Agility Training
    • Shut down the other team's star offensive players or juke defenders out of their shoes by improving your speed and agility.

  • Sports Vision Training
    • Sports vision will improve every aspect of your game because you can see what's going on around you and have a better "sense" for the best actions to take.

  • Basketball Conditioning
    • Basketball is a unique sport that requires unique conditioning to help improve your stamina and endurance. These tips can help you be able to eventually run circles around the competition.

  • Core Strength Exercises
    • Core strength will help make you stronger, jump higher, and be quicker. I'd recommend checking them out no matter what level you (or your kids) are at.

  • Muscle Stretching
    • Stretching will also help in all aspects of your game, as well as help you become stronger and prevent injuries.

  • Jump Higher - Vertical Training
    • It shouldn't be the first thing on your training list because you can't really show it off without the other skills to get you to the rim. Once you can, though, dunking in someone's mug or cramming the ball down their throat with a blocked shot can definitely demoralize your opponents.

  • Build Muscle Fast
    • Wanting to gain some muscle? Check out these tips on how to build muscle faster.

  • Youth Training
    • Especially useful for parents looking for basketball tips for their kids or young athletes just starting out. Youth basketball tips and training tips.

And, Coming soon...

  • Basketball Weight Training
    • Weight training tips for how to lift for basketball and the lifts that can benefit certain aspects of your game.

  • Home Fitness for Basketball
    • Exercises that you don't need to go to the gym for but will still help with your game.

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