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Basketball Training Tips

You're doing the right thing by checking out these basketball training tips. It's great that you're training, but these tips will help you gain even more from your training and help you dedicate yourself to improving your game.

So, here's a few basketball training tips for you to help you take your game to the next level:
  • Train with High Intensity
  • Get Proper Nutrition
  • Get a Training Partner
  • Set a Schedule and Stick to It
  • Set Goals
  • Include Core Strengthening in your Training
  • Stretch After your Workouts
  • Get Proper Rest

Train at High Intensity
Basketball is a high intensity sport, so that should be how you train: How you train and practice reflects on how you play when it counts. Think about how you practice shooting: if you sit there and take 5 seconds to shoot, then yeah, you're probably going to make it, but how often do you have that much time to shoot? Train with intensity and at game speed whenever possible (and safe, of course).

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Proper Nutrition
You'll notice (or you already have) when browsing through the site that nearly all of the basketball tips provided mention something about nutrition. I hammer it through everyone's head because it's often ignored, so I want to get the point through to everyone.

That being said, athlete nutrition is especially important for basketball training because it helps you have more energy for maximum effort and it helps you recover and become stronger from your workouts. Without proper nutrition, you're not maximizing the benefits you should be getting from your workouts.

If you haven't already, browse the athlete nutrition section to improve your gains from your training.

Basketball Training Tips Buddy Get a Training Partner
Do find someone to train with, whether it be a coach, teammate, friend, or parent. A training partner can help keep you motivated and push you harder to get more out of your training. You may also need someone to time you, spot you, pass or catch the ball, or do something else to help you with your training. And, last, but not least, a training partner can hold you accountable for training at the scheduled times you have set. This is directly related to the next of the basketball training tips...

Set a Schedule
Set a schedule that sets aside time for your training, and determine what aspect(s) of your game you're going to work on. Planning ahead will help dedicate you, and it will keep you from wasting valuable time during your workout while you're trying to figure out what you do next. Setting the schedule is only half the battle, though, you also have to stick with it. As mentioned above, a training partner can help prevent you from slacking off not only during your workout, but from your workout schedule.

Set Goals
This is another one of the simplest basketball training tips that can often be overlooked. You have to set goals, write them down, and set a timeline to reach them. These should be progressive goals. For example, first being able to touch the rim, then being able to dunk.

Setting goals helps to motivate you because you're striving to reach those goals, and when you reach the goals you have a sense of accomplishment. This domino effect continues on with gained confidence and more desire to reach the next goal.

Core Strength
Having a stronger core makes the rest of your muscles work more efficiently together, making you stronger and giving you more endurance. This then leads to you being able to train harder and continue to gain from your efforts.

Explore the core exercises to help you become a solid player (both in the ab area and with your basketball skills).

Stretch after your Training

Another tip for basketball training is to stretch after your workouts. Warming up is important before, but stretching is important after. Stretching not only helps with your flexibility and to prevent injury, but it also improves your muscles recovery to help you become stronger, sooner. Not only that, but it helps elongate the muscles, helping to keep you lean. Check out the basketball stretches here.

Get Proper Rest
Just like some of the previous basketball training tips of stretching and nutrition, getting proper rest will help you recover from your workouts and have enough energy to train again at high intensity. Make sure to get enough sleep while you're training or playing.

Athlete Nutrition: One of the Most Important Basketball Training Tips
Proper sports nutrition will help you recover from your workouts faster and more effectively. It will also provide you with the energy needed for your training.

Core Strength
A stronger core will increase all of the gains that you get from the rest of your basketball training.

Muscle Stretching
Get some stretches to help you recover from your workouts and prevent injuries.

Sports Supplements
Use some LEGAL sports supplements to get even more out of your training.

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