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Basketball Tips for Improved Game

You are well on your way to becoming a better basketball player; looking for basketball tips is the first step. Exploring this site shows that you want it more than others.

This whole site has tips for basketball, but they're not all going to fit on this one page. If you want to up your game, you've got to explore numerous sections of this site. Remember, if you're not, your competition is. That means they're getting better while you're not.

This page has basketball advice for the game itself and lifestyle tips to help you be better prepared for your training and games. Also make sure to check out the Basketball Training Tips page to more efficiently and effectively train. Then take those training tips and see the basketball training or basketball drills to be better prepared for your games.

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In-Game Basketball Tips

So you want to be a better player? It all starts with YOU! Athleticism helps, but confidence, heart, smart decisions, and desire are the keys to becoming a better player (and athlete): A player with average athletic ability but has heart and makes good decisions is better than a super-athlete that either has no heart or makes bad decisions.

Play with Heart and Desire
Basketball Tips: Heart One of the best basketball tips that anyone can give you is that you've got to have heart and desire when you're playing, whether it's practice, pick-up games, or the game itself. How you practice reflects on how you play.

Basketball, although hard work to be great, should be FUN. If you're not enjoying it, then you're probably not going to have your heart in the game. Be competitive, but have fun, to! What's more fun than out-hustling everyone on the court and hearing the cheers from the crowd for your efforts (have you seen Rudy)? Have the heart and desire to play harder and improve your game, and you're well on your way!

That's only part of the battle, though: You have to become a confident, smarter basketball player. Let's talk about confidence first...

Do Everything with CONFIDENCE
You're going to notice this theme throughout It is that important! This may be the simplest, yet most important basketball tip I can give you.

Have you noticed that the pros all have a confident "swagger" to them? They all know they're good, and they're going to prove it to the world. If you have no confidence in yourself, then how can you expect others (like your coaches, teammates, and fans) to have confidence in you?

I'm not talking about being overly cocky, but believing that you can do what you're trying to do and do it well. This is accomplished by practicing, studying the game, and reaching reasonable goals.

Think about it. Have you ever watched a game where Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, or any other stud was "In the Zone"? When players are in "the zone," it's because they believe they can do no wrong, and that confidence translates into results. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Develop Basketball Intelligence/IQ

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Study the Game and Make Smart Decisions
When discussing basketball tips you can't leave out decision making. A smarter player is a better player. It doesn't matter if you can outrun or outjump someone if you make the wrong decisions, because you won't get the chance to! Speaking of this, since basketball intelligence can be broken down into the same sections, one of the smart things to do that is related is...

Work on ALL aspects of your game
Yeah, everyone wants to dunk or be able to bomb 3's like there's no tomorrow. Here's a basketball tip for those of you that want to be noticed, though: while everyone's focusing on these common aspects, work on everything else to differentiate yourself and become a complete player.

If you can't get to the rim to show off your vert or get open for a shot, then it doesn't really matter, does it? It's also no good to be able to be able to dunk or shoot away if the coach thinks that the rest of your game is too weak to put you on the floor without being a liability.

That being said, the links below contain basketball tips for when and how to effectively use each of the respective basketball skills. Start clicking to become a complete player.

Basketball Tips - Skills

Sports Attributes Basketball Tips

The following tips are more focused on sports and athletic attributes that will improve your basketball game and overall health and athleticism. In other words, they'll improve all of the skills above.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Core Strength
  • Sports Vision
  • Speed & Agility

Proper Nutrition
One of the tips for basketball that you will see emphasized throughout the whole site is proper sports nutrition. It's very important, so I've dedicated a whole section to Athlete Nutrition.

The pages have some great tips. In general proper nutrition will help you recover from your training, build leaner muscle, and have more energy throughout the day and when you're on the court. This of course, makes everyone going up against you afraid to face you! But, you're hurting your game if you're not eathing the right things or eating at the right time. I strongly recommend checking out the pages. It's so importatnt, BBT&T references the area in nearly all basketball tips sections.

Core Strength
Another piece of basketball advice I emphasize throughout this site is to strenthen your core. Core strength will help pretty much every athletic aspect of yours. You'll be stronger overall and be able to jump higher, run faster, move quicker, and train more effectively.

This is because your core is involved in every movement (hence it being your "core"). All movements radiate out from the center , or core, of your body. A stronger core means less effort for movements on the court...Less effort means more efficient energy use...More efficient energy use leads to higher endurance and better stamina, as well as more efficient strength.

If you're not convinced yet, check out more on core strenth at the core exercises pages. And, if you are already convinced, you know you need to check out the pages to differentiate yourself anyways!

Improve your Sports Vision
Sports vision can help in all aspects of your game. The most obvious is passing, but it can also help with your defense (esp. help defense) and to be better aware of your surroundings when handling the ball or looking for an open spot on the floor. Better sports vision means better court awareness. The better your court awareness, the easier it is to make smarter decisions: Remember from the basketball tips above, being smarter leads to being a better basketball player.

You can explore sports vision training here.

Improve your Speed and Agility
One of the tips for basketball that you probably already know is that speed and agility are key in a sport like basketball. Lateral quickness is especially important in defense and being able to get to the hoop. Having "quicks" will help you keep your man in front of you and blow by your defenders. Only then can you show off your other skills, like the hops you've developed to throw down a monster slam at the rim.

You can find some tips for speed and agility training by clicking on the link.

Lifestyle Basketball Tips

The basketball tips in this section are simple lifestyle changes you can make (or practices you should continue if already doing) that will help you make the cut and the next level.
The Finish Line
  • Dedication
  • Time
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Proper Rest
  • Stretching

You ask anyone for basketball advice on how to make it to the next level, they'll tell you that it takes a lot of dedication. If you're not dedicated to something, then you probably won't be great at it. You have to make the conscious decision to be dedicated to becoming a better basketball player and make the sacrifices necessary to do so. As always, if you don't, someone else will and it will show when he or she makes you look bad on the court.

Time is pretty much the same as dedication. This is because you have to dedicate time to becoming better, to. This includes time to study the game, time to practice, and time to exercise.

You also have to manage your time well. It's hard enough to find the time to train without distractions, but you have to make sure to get your homework and studying done to be eligible to play.

Because of this, one of my basketball tips to you is to set a schedule ahead of time. If you're in school you need to set aside time to study and to train. Set aside a couple of hours a day (at a specified time) to dedicate to your training. This will help you stick with it and you will be more likely to put in the time and work necessary to make it to the next level.

Sports Nutrition
Yep, you're seeing this one again. Think this is an important basketball tip yet? What you eat and when you eat it has a direct impact on how effective your training is and how much energy you have throughout the day or your competition. If you haven't already, explore the athlete nutrition section.

Get Proper Amounts of Rest
Whenever you're involved in any physical activity, whether it be basketball training or playing during the season, you need to get a decent amount of rest. Proper rest will help your muscles recover and become stronger, and will help give you more energy the next day to play or train at maximum effort.

Here's a few quick tips for getting some better rest:

  • Open a window in your room at night. More oxygen helps you sleep a little better.
  • I don't know why, but I've seen a few places say that changing your sheets every night or as often as possible actually helps. May have something to do with dead cells and toxins released by your body while you sleep (and ending up on your sheets).
  • Try to sleep on your back, without a pillow or with a "contour pillow."
  • Eat properly (the basketball tips about nutrition - again). Getting good nutrition can help you sleep, to.
  • Stretch before going to bed to release toxins and relax your muscles.

Stretch Regularly
Stretching regularly isn't just one of my basketball tips, it's a tip for anybody, any age, any fitness level. Not only does stretching relax you before going to bed, but it also improves your core strength (which benefits every other aspect of anybody's physical life).

For basketball players, though, stretching helps to improve your muscle strength and lean muscle mass (helping to elongate the muscle instead of building "bulky" muscle). It also improves your flexibility. These, in turn, lead to improved athletic ability that can be showcased on the court.

And of course, I've got a muscle stretching section for you to explore.

Youth Basketball
Check out some youth basketball information.

Athlete Nutrition
Help energize yourself and get more sleep with some sports nutrition advice.

Muscle Stretching
Improve your athleticism and sleep with these basketball stretches.

Basketball Drills
Check out the basketball drills section to improve all of your skills.

Finish Line
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