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Resources for Additional Basketball Tips,
Training, and Fan Info

Basketball Tips Resources Pic This website is a good place to get great advice for coaches, players and parents for all types of basketball skills. Though I do have a love for the game of basketball, and a vast knowledge, I am only one person. Check out these other resources that might also be helpful in your quest to become a better ball player, coach, or whatever you're looking to do.

Basketball Resources

BBT&T - Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Page
This is still within my website, but well worth the look. WPW is a rare genetic "disorder" of the heart that can be life threatening when commbined with high cardiovascular activities like basketball. I had it, didn't know it, and it caused some problems for me recently. This describes my experience and some of the symptoms.

BBT&T - Training Gear Page
Also still within my website, but it's a great place to get discounts on training needs for everything like basketball, hoops, shoes, and whatever else you might need. Discounts from (exclusively through the links on basketball-tips-and-training),, and More!
GNC has all of kinds of Sports Supplements that can help with your basketball training and Athlete Nutrition. Check them out to help you train harder and get more out of your training.
Of course you already know about, but I thought I'd throw it on here for easy access. The latest news on your favorite teams, players, and trade/free agent rumors. Follow your favorite team and players, free agency, the Draft, and the Playoffs, just to name a few.
Best Basketball Tips has a ton of great information, and is definitely a great compliment to It contains both training information and fan information that adds to what you can find on BBT&T. Everything from vertical training and dunking better, to footwork, to little known facts about Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. So much content on here, it's hard to describe. Check it out for yourself!
Youth Basketball Camps is a great source for finding basketball camps near you. Blake has compiled a ton of camp information into one place for you so you as a one-stop-shop to find the best fit for your or your kid(s). It includes information for pro team, Nike, and Michael Jordan camps, and more! Well worth the look. Find a camp to help improve your game! - Basketball Directory
A directory of all kinds of basketball information. Training, Coaching, Aids, Fan page, and anything else basketball.

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