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Basketball Rebounding Drills to Help You Dominate the Boards!

As the rebounding tips page indicated, rebounding is an important aspect of anyone's game. Perform these basketball rebounding drills to improve your chances of ripping down more boards. They focus on being able to stay low and your second leap ability.

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  • Wall Sits
  • Rim Jumps
  • Jump Rope
  • Ball Tips

Wall Sits
This basketball rebounding drill is one of my top recommended exercises for ALL aspects of your basketball game. For one, it's free! Second, it's designed to fatigue your legs while staying low. As you know by now, staying low can help in many aspects of your game.

It is mostly used for the quads, but also can work your hips and core. This, in turn, helps your legs' endurance.

  • Find a wall with enough space in front of it that you'd be able to set a chair there and sit down. You're NOT going to use a chair, though.
  • Stand with your back toward the wall, about 2 to 2 1/2' away from the wall, then lean your back against the wall.
  • Now, keeping your back and head straight and still against the wall, slide down until your knees come to a 90° angle with the floor.
  • Hold this position (90° at the hips and 90° at the knees) for a set time or as long as you can.

You should basically be in a position similar to sitting in a chair, but without the chair. You will feel it mostly in the quads, but other areas such as the hips, will feel some strain as well.

Depending on your routine and abilities, you may shoot for holding the position for a certain period of time. An example may be 60 seconds when you first begin. As you develop more endurance, though, you will want to extend this time a great deal.

Remember: This basketball drill is designed to help develop endurance, so push yourself to hold the position as long as possible.

Get a hoop from (or a gift card to take to your local store), preferably an adjustable one, to do your rim jumps at home.

Rim Jumps
Rim jumps are another great "free" basketball exercise. This, like the rest of the basketball rebounding drills, will focus on your second leap ability.

  • Find a rim or similar object in height that you can reach for and stand directly in front of it
  • Using both legs, jump up and touch the rim (or as high as you can on the net) with one hand.
  • Immediately upon landing, jump back up to touch the rim again, alternating hands, but again using a 2-legged jump
  • Do a few sets of at least 10 jumps per set. This is also a jumping endurance exercise that should be done explosively as well.

As stated in the last part of the instructions, each jump should be as explosive as possible while focusing on getting yourself back up in the air as quickly as possible.

You should be trying to reach as high as possible each time, but not at the expense of taking more time to get back in the air. As with any other endurance exercise, your endurance will build as you perform the rim jumps more often.

Get a jump rope to inprove your rebounding abilities. BBT&T recommends the BodyFit Calorie Counting Jump Rope.

Jump Rope
Jumping rope is another great basketball drill because it helps you develop "foot speed." This is a great one of the basketball rebounding drills because not only does it help you develop foot speed, but it can improve your second leap ability and endurance as well.

  • Do Regular, 2-legged jumping rope that focuses on speed. Time it and count your jumps if possible.
  • Perform "double jumps," jumps in which you are able to bring the rope around your body not just once, but twice. Do these sequentially, though, so that you get the benefit of jumping higher and having a faster 2nd leap: Don't just do the double jumps in the middle of regular jumps.
  • Also do single leg jumps for speed roping, which you can throw into the middle of a routine or do a certain number of jumps on one leg before alternating to the other.

Note that the "double jumps" can be thrown in the middle of your speed roping, but if you do just make sure to do a number of double jumps in a row instead of just a single rep of the jump.

These "double jumps" should also be the focus for your basketball rebounding drills since they do require you to jump higher with minimal time between jumps.

Ball Tips
The Ball Tipping drill is the most advanced of the basketball rebounding drills. You may have to start with the other three drills to build up your skills before performing this drill.

The great thing about this drill is that it combines second leap ability with ball tipping and the control of the ball.

  • As with the rim jumps, start by facing a basket, but to one side of the rim (the right side if you're tipping with your right hand and vice-versa)
  • Throw the ball against the backboard on one side so that you can jump up and tip it with one hand.
  • Tip the ball against the backboard again, trying to control it to the point that you can land and jump up again in time to tip it in a like manner.
  • Perform a set on one side, using the same hand, and then switch over to the other side and perform the tips with your other hand.

This is a difficult drill to perform, so don't get discouraged if you can't do it right away. Just keep at it and continue to work on all aspects of your game.

Speaking of working on all aspects, get to clicking on more links for tips or click below to return home.

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