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Basketball Offense for Players

Basketball offense is the most noticed or glorified part of basketball (by the fans, anyways). Even if you're not the greatest shooter or dunker, crowds are still awed by other offensive skills. Jason Kidd still wows fans with his no-look passes and Allen Iverson impresses crowds by making an amazing move to get to the basket for a lay up.

Of course, shooters like Carmello Anthony and high-flyers like Vince Carter get noticed to.

So, with this in mind, work on all aspects of basketball offense, but you may want to make one aspect your greatest strength to become the "expert" on your team.

Basketball Express
  1. Shooting
  2. Dribbling
  3. Passing
  4. Scoring
  5. Rebounding

When people hear basketball offense, the first thought is usually of shooting. After all, effective offensive basketball is when you and your team get and take the best shot available. No one ever shoots 100%, so making the shot is obviously effective, to, but not always guaranteed.

Developing a great shot is something that all players have the ability to do. "Practice Makes Perfect" isn't 100% accurate, the phrase should be "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect". If you practice your shot incorrectly, then you'll be perfect at doing it wrong!

Click the basketball shooting tips link to get some tips on developing and improving your shot. Then practice that with the Basketball Shooting Drills.

Improving your basketball shooting won't just help your jump shot percentage, though, it will make it easier for you to improve your other offensive stats since the defense will be worried about your shot. This could help draw defenses toward you, opening up teammates to increase your assists. Or, it can open up lanes to drive to the basket for an easier shot, leading to the next aspect of individual basketball offense...

This site isn't about Streetball dribbling and showboating, it's about the fundamentals of the game that will get you playing time in elementary school, junior high, high school, and beyond. Effective dribbling is dribbling that gets you want you want in the littlest amount of dribbles possible.

But, this doesn't mean that fundamental dribbling can't still awe the crowds. You can still break some ankles with the basics like the cross-over and double cross-over. Tim Hardaway mastered it in the early 90's and Allen Iverson continues to use the cross-over effectively.

Like shooting can help your basketball offense, so, to, can dribbling. It makes you that much harder to guard because you're not a single threat anymore. Instead of crowding your shot, defensive players may be afraid you're going to blow by them, and sag off just enough for you to get a quick shot off.

To improve your ball handling skills, go to the basketball dribbling tips page and take those concepts to complete some Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball offense wouldn't be complete without basketball passing. Players develop chemistry with their teammates, and effective teammates can get the ball from the defensive end, up the court, and in the basket without dribbling the ball once.

Passing helps get you and your teammates the best shot possible on nearly all possessions. Granted they did it on occasion, but most of the time people like Michael Jordan didn't get the defensive rebound, dribble the ball all the way down the court, and score without anyone else on the team touching the ball. Even the greats had someone pass them the ball to start the break.

Magic Johnson, John Stockton, and Jason Kidd have made a living off of being great passers. Why? Because it makes them as individual players better, and it makes their teammates better. Defenses hesitate to double great passers because they know they'll find the open man for an assist. This clears room to drive or shoot. Their teammates are better because they know if they move without the ball and find the open spot, they'll be rewarded with a great pass and an easy bucket. Because of this, coaches and players love great passers...

Become one by checking out the basketball passing page.

What? Scoring? Why is this different from shooting? Might be what your asking yourself.

There is a difference, though. Even though you should become the best shooter you can, you don't have to be a great shooter to be a great and effective scorer.

If you have a great passer on your team that can draw your man away, all you have to do is cut to the basket and let them get you the ball for an easy layup. The other thing to do is REBOUND! Basketball offense isn't over until the other team has the ball, so if your team gets the rebound, the basketball offense continues!

What does this mean for you? Usually more points! But, there's plenty more basketball scoring tips here.

Now although these basketball offense tips are for individuals, never forget that basketball is a team sport, and basketball offense is no different.

Most importantly on the offensive end of the floor, you need to keep moving, especially without the ball. It will help you and your teammates get better shots in a number of ways. Screens can spring people open (with or without the ball) and also lead to great shots for the screener. Moving around can also help tire the defense or confuse them. Make them guard you!

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Compliment your Basketball Offense with Basketball Defense.

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Passing Tips

Basketball Scoring Tips

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