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Basketball Drills to Improve Your Game

A big part of any of your basketball training should be drills for individual basketball skills. Yeah, you're going to be doing some drills in practice with your team, but what sets the great players apart is the additional work they put in outside of the "required" work. Make sure to include a little bit of every type of these basketball drills in your training, but really focus on your weakness(es). For example, if you are a poor ball handler, then a major part your basketball drills should be dribbling drills.

The Finish Line

Make sure to check out the Athletic Apparel page for discounts to major retailrs on training gear like basketball shoes, shorts, and other equipment like basketballs and hoops.

I like for basketballs and hoops you can utilize in your basketball drills.

Check Out all of the Drills Sections for Basketball Below:

  • Basketball Dribbling Drills
    • Dribbling drills for basketball to help improve your handles and ability to get to the basket easier.
  • Basketball Shooting Drills
    • Drills to improve your shot, which in turn leads to a better shooting percentage, more time on the court, and more points!
  • Basketball Rebounding Drills
    • Drills to improve your rebounding skills, which definitely leads to more time on the court since coaches love players that rebound...more importantly, they hate players that don't rebound
  • Basketball Passing Drills (Coming Soon!)
    • Drills for basketball to help your passing skills and rack up more assists.
  • Speed and Agility Drills
    • A lot of basketball skills, like getting past a defender or defending a player with the ball, require lateral quickness. Use these speed and agility drills to improve your lateral quickness.
  • Basketball Conditioning Drills
    • Conditioning drills for basketball designed to help improve your endurance to remain more effective in shooting, rebounding, and playing defense in the fourth quarter.
A basketball is necessary for almost any of these drills. Search basketballs in the 2nd box below. You can get great basketballs at most any sporting goods retailer. I recommend the Spalding Zi/O (available from in the red box or through the link) because it's good for both indoor and outdoor use and it saves you from having to get 2 for each.

Search 29.5 for full size and 28.5 for youth or women's. For indoor and outdoor you can also search "composite."

Of course, a hoop is also beneficial for a lot of the basketball drills, like shooting, vertical, and rebounding drills; and good shoes will help you work hard and benefit more from your efforts. You can check out the basketball hoops, basketballs, and shoes available from and more below.

Search Zi/O for the recommended inddor/outdoor basketball.
Search 29.5 for men's basketballs or 28.5 for women's/youth.

Basketball Training Tips
Use these training tips to make your basketball drills more effective.
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