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About Me and How BBT&T Came to Be.

I thought some viewers may be interested in who's giving them this advice, how I came to know all of these basketball tips, and a little more about myself, so here's a quick overview.

BBT&T About Overview
  1. Basketball Info
  2. Education/Career
  3. Creating this Website

Basketball Background - How I Know These Basketball Tips

I've loved basketball since I could remember, being fortunate enough to watch Michael Jordan in his prime. I played in high school, and even was on the state runner-up team without trying out that year (the coaches sent me home since I was sick).

While I was in high school, although I didn't always lead the team in stats, I was a difference maker - kind of the player that held the team together. Don't get me wrong, the stats were there. A number of occassions had me scoring more than 20 points a game and having nearly as many rebounds (that's how I got a lot of those points). But I also did a lot of stuff that didn't show up on the stat sheet. Bigger players fouled out because of my rebounding fundamentals since they'd go over my back, I'd cut off a player cutting and cause the other team to turn over the ball, etc. Bottom line, I know a little something about basketball, how to be better at it, and how to win. Like I said earlier, my team took 2nd in state. Even now at open gym my team likes to put me on the fastest guy, or the best rebounding, or whatever, because they know I won't back down from them. They love having me on the team, because they know if anything at all, I'm getting rebounds and keeping the other team from getting them if I'm not the one personally pulling down the board.

I unfortunately stopped growing and had some untimely injuries. More important, however, was that I didn't dedicate myself as much as I should have to go to the next level. This also means that I didn't take the basketball advice that I'm giving you for free at BBT&T.

Don't let this discourage your faith in me, though. I can honestly say that many people were confident I could walk on at college when I transferred my junior year. My bad luck continued when I had to have surgery around the time of tryouts and the next year I had already committed to a job. It was a nice confidence boost when I went off to grad school and, like in undergrad, it always took some time to convince others that I didn't play college basketball.

To wrap it up, I took some basketball coaching classes in college, have done a great deal of research, still play regularly, and have a couple friends that are basketball coaches (including a semi-pro team). On top of that, I help help my nephew and friends' kids with some basketball tips and advice personally that has helped them out. I still know my stuff and get a lot of respect on the court, no matter where I'm at. Other players have commented on the fundamental soundness of my game, the quick release I have, and the way I don't let my guy get any rebound.


Updated: August 16th, 2012

Currently I am a full-time Lead Financial Analyst for Apollo Group, a Fortune 1000 company that owns the University of Phoenix. Within the company, I had moved from being a Sr. Business Analyst. In general, I work on budgets, forecasts, and variance analysis of a $100M annual budget. I also track, forecast, and report on overall headcount and wages for over 1500 employees. Using Excel and Access, I provide reporting and analytics for both. Prior to that, I was a full-time Profit Analyst fora Fortune 500 company and helped to save them over $1M annually. Working full-time definitely takes a large portion of my time. Between that and trying to get to the gym to work out and, of course, play some basketball, it doesn't leave a ton of time for me to work on this website. When I do find time, I really enjoy it, and look forward to continually improving the site.

My education includes a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and a bachelor degree in Business Admin with a Finance emphasis and minors in both accounting and communications. Since it's not really related to BBT&T, except for not having any computer or website developing background, I'll leave it at that for now.

How Basketball Tips and Training Came to Be


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Why did I begin developing BBT&T? Well, there's a few reasons behind that. First of all, if you couldn't tell by now, I absolutely LOVE basketball! The second reason is a little more selfish: I wanted to make some money as an affiliate. After I'd been burned by a few affiliate programs before I realized that to be succesfull in affiliate marketing, I would need a succesful website.

Don't get me wrong, it's more fun than anything, as I love sharing my knowledge of basketball. But the other reason I chose to make a website about basketball had to do with this want to be a succesful affiliate marketer. Since I've played a lot of basketball and done a lot of training (both myself and other people), I could honestly recommend products that I've used or understand the concept behind. This is a lot better to me than trying to sell affiliate programs or some other get rich quick crap that I had bought and wouldn't want to recommend to anyone else. So, as oppossed to affiliate programs that I had to purchase, I can give you my honest opinion about products here. (The other programs just wanted me to sell their program to other people, which I wasn't comfortable doing as I was very disappointed with them)

If you read the quick blurb above, you'll notive that I have no background whatsoever in web design or any other computer sciences, so you may be wondering how I'm able to continue to develop this site.

The answer to that is easy, Site Build It (SBI). Site Build It gave me all of the tools I needed to not only develop a website, but develop a continually more succesful website. Again, I had no code knowledge or web design background before I found SBI. SBI helps me build, as well as hosts it. Not to mention, it helps me to get my pages ranked higher in the search engines (perhaps how you found it?). Below are some examples of my page ranks:

  1. Basketball Tryout Tips: #1 - Yahoo & Bing; #3 - Google
  2. Basketball Scoring Tips: #1 - Yahoo & Bing; #4 - Google
  3. Basketball Rebounding Tips: #1 - Bing; #3 - Yahoo; and #4 - Google
  4. NBA Venues: #3 - Yahoo & Bing; #4 Google
  5. Basketball Dribbling Tips: #3 Yahoo & Bing
  6. NBA Venues:#1 - Bing; #3 - Yahoo; #10 - Google

Last Updated 11/01/13.

But, I don't want to spend all this time here on SBI, so I've added another page about SBI and affiliate marketing here.

You can also check out any of the SBI links on this and other pages to learn more about how SBI can help you build a succesful website that can help increase your business or your affiliate income. More important, though, is the fun I've had building this website, it's almost addicting!

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